Maine Sport Pilot License

In September of 2004, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) transformed a slight consideration of a new pilot certificate into the actual creation of a Sport Pilot License. The intent of the new license was to reduce the obstacles of entrance into air travel and make flying more economical and accessible to piloting enthusiasts. Flight Schools Maine recommends this training course as a great area to start off your instruction and is the fastest way to fly solo in your own aircraft in Maine.

One seeking to achieve a sport pilot license must originally, before training can commence, attain a Student Sport Pilot Certificate as it is designated vital by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These can be obtained from an FAA Flight Standards District Office or FAA Specified Aviation Examiner. Flight Schools Maine provides a fully adaptable, comprehensive training program precisely developed to make acquiring a Sport Pilot License inexpensive, efficient, and quick. We employ modern and regularly maintained aircraft including, in a typical sense, a Cessna 172 and other easily operated aircraft. As we understand, you are committed to this sport, we are equally as devoted to accommodating your goals and really helping you become a licensed pilot!

The FAA requires the fulfillment of numerous, strictly contractual requirements consisting of 20 total flight hours, with the stipulation that you complete 15 hours of flight instruction and 5 unassisted. Fortunately, these hours are broken down into smaller segments to include a few other necessary requirements imposed by the FAA. Similar to private pilots who are acknowledged as pilots of standard aircraft, a trainee sport pilot is required to effectively pass a "checkride", which acts as a culminating finale to your training. Consequently, this impending test can and will certify you to fly a singular passenger inside the aircraft appropriately making you the pilot-in-command. This is completed presuming you have a total knowledge of aerial decision making, the rules of aerodynamics, aircraft systems, regulations, direction-finding, and a wide variety of other distinctive facets.

Our training program makes use of otherwise applicable methods, including the use of a light-sport airplanes which can be registered with the idea that it could serve as a part of your advancement into other aviation fields.


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