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The decision to take flying lessons is the beginning of a brand-new phase. When you take that initial step to become certified in piloting an aircraft, it will change your life for good. Not only is it an extremely valuable skill, but having the ability to fly an airplane is a distinct and dynamic adventure. Now this isn't really as simple as learning how to ride a bike, obviously. To acquire the title of Pilot, you will have to employ mind, body, and soul similarly. You'll need to learn the rules, procedures, and techniques required for your mind and body to keep up with your aspiring heart. Fuel that desire for flying with determination and the sky won't be your limit, it'll be your destination. What better way to accomplish that then by becoming a fully-fledged pilot?

So what makes a Private Pilot Certificate so unique?

Now, it is important to know right off the bat that there are a few different kinds of pilot's licenses. So exactly what makes this sort of certification different from the others? With a Private Pilot License, additionally referred to as a PPL, you are qualified to pilot any aircraft permitted by your certification; unfortunately, you may not utilize it to gain a profit. A Private Pilot Certificate is just that- personal. You can fly on your own, you can fly with travelers, and you can even fly for charity events, but you will certainly not be recompensed monetarily. It should be kept in mind that most certified pilots are in possession of a PPL as it is frequently the first step for higher certification.

Fun fact: In the USA it is typically referred to as a "Private Pilot Certificate," but "certificate" and "license" are entirely interchangeable in this case.

Are you qualified?

Among one of the baseline qualifications for a pilot's license in the United States is the capacity write, speak, and read the English language. For a PPL with official certification to pilot an engine powered airplane you must be 17 years old or older. You must be a minimum of 16 years of age to become accredited in command of aircraft such as hot air balloons and gliders. For individuals that do not satisfy the age requirements, it should additionally be said that there isn't really so much of an age restriction on beginning your training for ultimately earning that PPL.

To acquire a pilot's certification, you positively need a passing final result for a Class III medical examination. Your health and wellness are our top priority, so much so that you would certainly not manage to complete the preconditions needed for a PPL without a medical certificate from an Federal Aviation Association accredited medical professional.

There is a lot that goes into aviation.

What type of rules are there and who makes them?

Due to the fact that there are numerous types of aircraft readily available today, that leaves a lot of space for rules and procedures. These regulations exist so that you can have a risk-free and pleasurable time. To acquaint you with some of the significant phrases, you will routinely see the acronyms ICAO, FAA, and VFR. We don't intend to make you look those up so here's a quick rundown.

Created by the United Nations, the International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO for short, is the organization that creates and upholds the world's specifications of aviation. So every one of the guidelines start with them. You are going to find out about the FAA, or Federal Aviation Association much more. In the USA, the FAA is the leading authority in relation to aviation policies. If you have ever before asked yourself who regulates all the airports and air traffic or who needs to authorize you for a pilot's license, that would be the FAA.

Let's explore planes!

So let's discuss a little of the fun stuff. With a PPL concerning aircraft, the entire world is your oyster. There are virtually so many that you can command! The FAA has categorized the different types of aircraft into 7 groups. The extensive categories you can expect consist of:

  • Airplanes are considered as being any fixed-wing, powered aircraft propelled onward by engine produced propulsion.
  • Rotorcraft are aircraft that rely on rotary wings spinning to generate airlift. A helicopter is a fine example.
  • Powered Lift aircraft have vertical ascent in common with rotor craft, but they do not rely on rotating wings to generate their lift. They instead use types of propulsion in common with the conventional airplane.
  • Powered Parachutes, in some cases nicknamed Para planes, are made up of a parachute, motor, and wheels. It sounds a bit like a bicycle for the sky.
  • Weight-shift Control appears to be a little obscure, but their category title sums the function up brilliantly. An archetype of an aircraft with weight-shift command is an ultralight trike. The powered hang-glider is maneuvered by the pilot repositioning their weight.
  • Gliders are very lightweight and minimalist aircraft that depend on cruising on the wind as opposed to using an engine to power through it.
  • Lighter-than-Air is a classification of aircraft that uses the buoyancy of fuels to stay afloat. For instance, hot air is lighter than cool air, so the air in a hot air balloon rises up above the cooler air around it.

And so this is how you acquire your Private Pilot Certificate

Log the Hours and Test Your Skills

Now it's your turn. We've began with the basic principles, but you are uppermost vital part of this adventure! When you contact us to kick off your adventure, our flying lesson professionals will be able to respond to any and all of your concerns. They will take care of you. Your particular location, your professional instructor, and the times and dates are all details you get to plan out with help from the specialists. There will not be any room for fear. Just to get you started off, we'll cover some of the things you will need to do to earn your PPL. If you want to receive a Private Pilot License, you will need to complete all of the requirements set forth by your flight school. Some prerequisites can change depending on the location or type of school, but here are a few things that are set in stone.

  1. First of all, you will need to do research. In order to get approved for a PPL, you will have to pass several tests. This consists of written tests, oral tests, and a physical test known as a check ride, which is similar theoretically to needing to pass a road test for your driver's certificate.
  2. This could be mentioning the obvious, but, your feet won't be touching the ground for a great deal of your training. There is going to be at least 35 hours of you remaining in an aircraft, up in the air living the dream. At the very least 10 of those hours you will spend on your own. Your efforts must be in earnest; with dedication to your goal, you will certainly attain something that some only imagine.
  3. Recall when we stated that medical certificate earlier? That third major condition is a passing mark on a Class III medical checkup.

Flying is its own Recompense

This is how you make a fantasy come true.

Although this may look like a great deal to take in, here at Flight Schools Maine we really want you to have access to the absolute best. We really want you to be updated, to be safe, and to have the time of your life.

At no stage did we say this will be a cakewalk. Becoming a certified private aviator takes gumption. For all the effort and stamina that you invested in following your aspiration, Flight Schools Maine will put in only our absolute best resources and options. Our flight schools are ready to guide you every step of the process. You're going to fly!

Is it time to ultimately make your move? We've got professionals that are waiting to speak with you right now! Flight Schools Maine has all the solutions. We will serve to help you find the perfect school in order to get you on the right track. If you wish to fly, we will show you how!


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