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Purchase Discovery Flight Gift Certificates

Maine Flight Academy Gifts

If you have a friend or family member who has truly wanted to pilot a plane, our gift certificates are perfect! Flight Schools Maine offers flexibility with our 2 year validity period! This gives your receiver the ability to schedule their flight at their convenience.

If you or a loved one want to get your head in the clouds, we provide Pilot Lesson Gift Certificates to put on your Christmas List this year! If you have a flight enthusiast who has always imagined getting their wings, purchase a discovery flight gift certificate! Our gift certificates are redeemable at any one of our sites in Maine and the United States!

If you have often wished to fly a plane, discovery flights are the best option and the most convenient, lasting up to 45 minutes. During a discovery flight, the student will get hands on flying time in a genuine airplane and discover what it takes to become a pilot. This is the most preferred option for people looking to further their career in the artistry of flying. Our expert flight specialists are waiting for your call! To order a gift, inquire about a program or to learn how flight hours may be put towards your license call us now. Our system of flight academies is expanding everyday to serve aviation enthusiasts like you! Call 1-888-994-9308 to learn how to get started!