Drone Certification in Maine

The state of Maine and sites close by are about to take part in something amazing! The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has rendered it possible to obtain an exception to the previous criteria for commercial drone piloting and Flight Schools Maine is here in order to help with the licensing needed to apply for it.

The requirements specify that drones can not be used for the intention of commercial enterprises except if the individual piloting the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) had the certification required for flying the vehicles into national airspace. We can assist you in expediting the process for your licensing to pilot a drone. At Flight Schools Maine we can supply you with the know-how and experience necessary for you to apply for and successfully acquire your FAA 333 Exemption!

About 333 Exemption in Maine

The FAA does not require operators of recreational drones to request or carry licenses, but if you will be employing it for business purposes, then it's necessary. The criteria for obtaining FAA certification is quite extensive. Additionally, it takes a significant amount of time for individuals to achieve, which is damaging to the possibility for the prosperity available to them by way of their businesses.

The secretary of transportation has been delegated to determine airworthiness of UAVs per the 333 exemption. Airworthiness certification is issued by the SOT after evaluating their aircraft's potential to securely fly in federal air space. The list of essentials needed to request the 333 grant is as follows:

  • Certified and registered aircraft
  • Certified Pilot (Sport, Private or Commercial Certification)
  • Operational approval

What we are saying is that without having a UAV specific license or certificate, you have to make a request for the grant in order to pilot your drone.

The time is now to take advanced piloting to a whole new level in innovation! This is primarily most accurate in the case of piloting a drone. The range of UAV piloting is growing daily therefore, the chance for employment opportunities and compensation is endless. Drone piloting is an exceptional way to enhance your business profile and acuity, particularly if your are in real estate, inspections, horticulture, or even photography. We can put you on the cusp of this innovative technology today! Contact Flight Schools Maine for more details about drone piloting 1-888-994-9308!

*Please visit the FAA website to see new regulations in respect to drone piloting as they are anticipated to change in the near future http://www.faa.gov/.*