Discovery Flights above Maine

Discovery Flights are an amazing opportunity for novice flyers in Maine to experience piloting a plane for the first time!

Flight Schools Maine provides a fun and thrilling opportunity for you to fly a plane for the very first time, the Discovery Flight. Discovery flights provide an exceptional opportunity for you to decide if you 'd like to work at getting your pilot's license. Discovery flights or Introductory flights can supply you with the perfect opportunity to not only learn about the management and function of the aircraft, but to actually navigate it on your own as well. One of our certified flying instructors will accompany you throughout, in order to assist with any problems, supply you with a presentation of the machinery of the airplane, and show you a trick or two. Majority of the discovery flights are carried out in very light airplanes that are single engine powered, like the Cessna 172 or Piper. These planes have a max cruise rate of 150 knots and are best for training purposes. Discovery flights typically take about an hour from beginning to end. The flight will conclude with your chance to fly the aircraft on your own when you reach a suitable training elevation. It's important to note, that some of our facilities allow for ride alongs throughout the discovery flights, call our helpful and experienced representatives to find out which facilities near you can accommodate an extra person.

Right before your flight, you'll perform a pre-flight evaluation to check if the plane is ready to fly. Once the ground analysis has been performed, your instructor will demonstrate how to drive on the airstrip and make all last-minute instrument checks before launch. The literal flight itself will last approximately 25 to 45 mins. While you are in the sky the instructor will offer additional details as to the function of the plane's instrument panel and permit you to steer the airplane by yourself. They may have also been prompted to illustrate a trick or two, like a 180 degree turn, and allow for you to try it also. Utilize your discovery flight in order to help you to determine if pursuing a flight career is the best option for you. Don't wait another minute, call us right away at 1-888-994-9308!