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Flight Schools Maine

If you are looking for flight academies in Maine, then look no more! Over the entire state of Maine, we have the best schools to pick from in your pursuit of becoming a pilot. From the first intro to flying, to the most enhanced professional training programs, the sky isn't the limit- it's the destination!

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Maine Discovery Flights

Maine Discovery Flights

A Discovery Flight is your intro to small craft aviation in Maine. In a Discovery Flight, you can anticipate an experienced instructor giving you the run-through on everything you could be studying to get that pilot's license you've always wished for.

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Maine Flying Lesson Gifts

The Gift of Flying Lessons Above Maine

Present the gift of flight! Here at Flight Schools Maine, there is no easier way to give them an unforgettable experience than with a gift certificate to have a Discovery Flight. Christmas Gift certificates are redeemable for up to 2 years at locations across Maine!

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Maine Private Pilot License

Private and Sport Pilot Classes

Get your Maine Sport Pilot License or your Maine Private Pilot License at your convenience! Flight Schools Maine has an organization of affiliate flight schools across Maine and one of our flight lesson experts is waiting to help you now!

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Maine Commercial Pilot Training

Becoming a Professional Pilot

Is flying what you would like to do for a living? To work at this passion takes devotion; are you all set? Flight Schools Maine will have you learn from the very best.

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Are you ready to fly the sky? No one else compares to the high specifications maintained by the partners of Flight Schools Maine. Breathe, ask yourself what you're waiting on, and take that crucial step toward your sky-high destination. With the best quality schools and instructors of the highest caliber, your goal in aviation can be achieved and it is our intention to assist you in reaching it.

Do you dream you could be an aviator, finding limitless adventure in the cloud up above? We have confidence in the power of flight and the freedom you can only experience in the clouds. While your goal is to reach the sky, it is our goal to use the very best products and services to safely get you there. Flight Schools Maine has the ability to match you up the the best flight school for you. Over 100 flight schools across the US currently accept our gift certificates and that number is only going up from there. All our schools at airports both small and large can be found virtually everywhere; we've got sites in Maine and many other states, too! With Flight Schools Maine, you are in great hands. Trust us to pair you with the best trainer in your area.