Sport Pilot License in Maine

The Sport Pilot certificate was established in September 2004 after years of work by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). The intent of the new license was to lower the barriers of entrance into aeronautics and make flying more cost effective and easily accessible to aviation enthusiasts. The Sport License training program is primarily designed on the ideal basis that you can fly solo in an economical and swift fashion.

Prior to a pupil can begin the solo level of flight training, a Student Sport Pilot License needs to be given by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These can be acquired from an FAA Flight Standards District Office or FAA Designated Aviation Examiner. Flight Schools Maine offers a fully accommodating, thorough training program specifically created to make acquiring a Sport Pilot License affordable, effective, and speedy. You will commonly spend most of your genuine flight instruction within the cabin of a Cessna 172 or 162, depending upon the availability of the planes at your choice of our numerous partnered flight schools. As we know, you are committed to this sport, we are equally as devoted to satisfying your desires and really helping you become a certified pilot!

The FAA requires the fulfillment of various, rigorously contractual requirements including 20 overall flight hours, with the specification that you complete 15 hours of flight training and 5 solo. However, these hours are broken down into smaller sections to accommodate a few other necessary criteria imposed by the FAA. Assuming your imminent completion of this course, similar to private pilots who are licensed to fly standard category aircraft (airplanes), the sport pilot needs to go through a "final exam" or what is known in the aviation world as a "checkride" to finally obtain their license to fly with a passenger on board their airplane and function as pilot in charge or PIC. This is carried out shortly after the sport pilot applicant completes all of their required aeronautical processes, including expected training, and receives a passing sport pilot knowledge test report.

Time in light-sport aircraft can possibly be used to the practical experience prerequisite of other ratings on higher certification types which makes the Sport License such a fantastic place to start off.


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