Maine Drone Certification

The state of Maine and locations close by are going to take part in something amazing! Flight Schools Maine is here to help you obtain the licensing required by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to pilot your drone for your future commercial ventures.

The requirements specify that drones can not be used for the intention of commercial ventures except if the individual navigating the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) had the licensing necessary for flying the vehicles into federal airspace. The process to obtain this certification is an exhaustive one, however, we can help quicken things up. Flight Schools Maine can supply you with the know how and qualifications to request and receive an FAA 333 Exemption!

Definition of FAA 333 Exemption in Maine

The FAA permits recreational piloting of drones without licensing, but not when it comes to commercial piloting. The benchmark for obtaining FAA certification is quite lengthy. Additionally, it takes a significant amount of time for individuals to accomplish, which is harming to the possibility for the success available to them through their companies.

The secretary of transportation has been delegated to determine airworthiness of UAVs per the 333 exemption. Airworthiness certification is given out by the SOT after assessing their aircraft's ability to securely fly in federal air space. The list of criteria required to request the 333 grant is as follows:

  • Certified and authorized aircraft
  • Licensed Pilot (Sport, Private or Commercial Certification)
  • Operational consent

What we are stating is that without a UAV specific license or certificate, you will have to make a request for the grant to pilot your drone.

The world is quickly improving and the occasion to take advantage of innovative forms of advanced piloting for the intention of launching your company into the stratosphere is upon you now. This is especially true when it comes to drone piloting. The field of UAV piloting is expanding daily for that reason, the chance for job opportunities and compensation is endless. If you are in the business of realty, an inspection agency, an agricultural organization, or even event photography, than you are certainly aware that drone piloting can only improve your business profits and portfolio. We can set you on the cutting edge of this newly emerging technology today! Consult us at Flight Schools Maine to receive important details about UAV piloting today 1-888-994-9308!

*Please be aware that the specifications for licensing and exceptions are changing every day and criteria for exemption requests are established by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), visit their site at to get up to date information as to what is required currently.*