Discovery Flights over Maine

Discovery Flights are an amazing chance for new flyers in Maine to experience piloting a plane for the first time!

Flight Schools Maine is proud to provide a cost effective means for you to experience the sensation of piloting an airplane for the very first time. Discovery flights provide an excellent opportunity for you to determine if you want to pursue obtaining your pilot's license. Discovery flights or Introductory flights can supply you with the best opportunity to not only learn about the management and function of the airplane, but to actually maneuver it on your own as well. One of our FAA certified flight instructors will remain by your side throughout, supply important insight into the machinery of the plane, and maybe teach you a trick or two. Most of the discovery flights are conducted in very light airplanes that are single engine operated, like the Cessna 172 or Piper. These planes have a cruise speed of 100 to 150 knots, for that reason they are the best plane for instruction. Discovery flights generally take about an hour from start to finish. When you've reached an appropriate training elevation, you will be given the management of the aircraft to pilot. Several of our centers allow for an additional person to ride along throughout your flight, feel free to inquire with our courteous staff members as to which sites allow for it.

Prior to takeoff, you'll begin with the pre flight examination of the aircraft to make certain that every little thing is in the best shape for your lesson. Right after the ground inspection, the instructor will demonstrate driving the runway and take off. The literal flight itself will be roughly 25 to 45 minutes. When you are in the sky the instructor will offer further details as to the operation of the plane's cockpit console and allow you to maneuver the plane by yourself. They might have even displayed a trick or two, like a 180 degree turn, or something very similar. This is a great exploratory option for you to really feel the sensation of flying and make a determination as to if it's a pursuit that's right for you. Don't wait, give us at Flight Schools Maine a call today at 1-888-994-9308!