Maine Commercial Pilot's Certificate

Maximize the of your private pilot license by utilizing your pre-existing training towards achieving your Commercial Pilot License

Irrespective of your experimental proclivities towards commercial flight, Flight Schools Maine offers the knowledge and comprehension of knowledgeable aviators to educate you to reach your overall goals. Being compensated for doing what you really love is typically one's perfect goal in life, and a commercial pilot license opens up an entire new realm of existing possibilities. This is the step that a person needs to take to become an experienced pilot in Maine. Commercial Flight requires deliberate consideration, and therefore it requires a prospective pilot-in-training to qualify with a few requirements before commencement of your training, including:

  • Be at the very least 18 years old
  • Have the ability to read, write, and converse in English
  • Be a certified Private Pilot
  • Have flown a minimum of 250 hours
  • Successfully pass written and oral FAA assessments
  • Successfully pass FAA flight assessments

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) can only be acquired once a student has finished the mandated minimum 250 flight hours.

Our umbrella training program efficaciously educates a pupil to thoroughly understand all basic principles of flight including general and radio navigation, weather conditions, instrumentation, and many various other distinguishing aspects of flight.

After fulfilling our training course thoroughly, a student must take and pass a theoretical and practical test. The general test assesses a potential pilot’s practiced awareness of flight.

The practical exam analyzes the pilot's capability to operate the plane within its reasonable restrictions, incorporate all aeronautical expertise learned when necessary, successfully carry out a series of measures deemed appropriate by the EASA, and a multitude of other equally essential fundamentals of flying to achieve a CPL.

After all is said in done, presuming your impending, or inevitable success, you will be able to acquire a Commercial Pilot License.